Are Poinsettias Dangerous to Pets?

As winter approaches, many people will get into the season by decorating their homes. Adding seasonal plant life is a popular way to dress up your home. Poinsettias are on the top of that list. However, you may have had people tell you that these plants can be poisonous to dogs and cats. Today, the veterinarian at Fort Mill Animal Clinic wants to clear up some misunderstandings regarding this plant:

Are poinsettias dangerous for pets to eat?

The idea that poinsettias are dangerous for cats and dogs is, in fact, a myth. Pets like these are more or less poinsettia-intolerant. Just like many people are lactose-intolerant, your pets may experience an upset stomach after eating some poinsettia leaves. For the most part, that’s as serious as their illness will get. However, if your pet does experience discomfort, treat it like any other food allergy and bring them in to our animal clinic. Other than that, feel free to place these pretty plants around your home – just maybe keep them a bit out of reach of your pets.

What about lilies?

Many holiday flower arrangements include lilies. Unlike poinsettias, these plants are lethal for pets. If you have pets in your home, say goodbye to lilies as a part of your festive decor. These are the plants that you should be most concerned about, so talk to your friends and family about this issue. And if you see lilies within reach of household pets, say something or move them out of the way. You could save the life of a dog or cat and spare its owners the heartbreak of losing a beloved member of the family. Since lilies are sold all year long, keep your eyes open for this danger even after Christmas has passed.

If you’re concerned about something your dog or cat has eaten, don’t hesitate to contact a veterinarian. Fort Mill Animal Clinic’s vets are ready to answer your questions and concerns regarding poisonous plants and other concerns.

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