Does Your Pet Have a Food Allergy?

Last month, we told you about how seasonal allergies can affect your pet. But did you know that your pet can also have food allergies? And just like with people, an allergic reaction to food can have serious consequences for your dog or cat. Here’s what our emergency veterinarian clinic in Fort Mill, SC wants you … [Read more…]

Does Your Pet Have Seasonal Allergies?

Dog, Pet Allergies

Flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer, and there’s a thin film of green pollen on your car. It’s spring, and for many people that means it’s also allergy season. If you and your family members are sniffling and sneezing, there’s a good chance your pets are suffering, too. That’s right, pets can have seasonal allergies … [Read more…]

5 Ways to Protect Your Pets From Poisoning

Poison Prevention Week is March 19-25, 2017. Although we often think of this as an opportunity to prevent poisoning in humans, especially children, this observance also applies to pets. In fact, poison control hotlines for animals receive over 150,000 calls each year. The veterinarian and staff at Fort Mill Animal Clinic wants to help you … [Read more…]

3 Pet Dentistry Facts From Your Veterinarian

Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month? Although you should pay attention to your pet’s teeth all year, this gives both you and your veterinarian the opportunity to focus on this topic just a little more. Fort Mill Animal Clinic cares about the total health of your pet, including its teeth … [Read more…]

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet

As 2016 draws to a close, you may be thinking about ways to improve your life next year. The act of making New Year’s Resolutions is a tradition for many people. But do you make resolutions for your pet? Fort Mill Animal Clinic wants to help make your pet’s life the best it can be. … [Read more…]

Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays

The holidays are here, and that means lots of fun and festivities for everyone. If you’re a pet owner, you probably like to find ways to share the season with them. However, there are some hidden dangers you should be aware of. Follow these tips from our Fort Mill, SC veterinary clinic so your pets will … [Read more…]

8 Common Puppy Vaccinations

You’ve just found the perfect pet for your family: an adorable puppy. Regardless of whether you adopted from an animal shelter or purchased from a breeder, your puppy will require a lot of care, especially in the first year of ownership. In addition to check ups with your vet, you’ll also want to make sure you’re … [Read more…]

Welcome to Fort Mill Animal Clinic!

Fort Mill Animal Clinic Building

Welcome to Fort Mill Animal Clinic! We love our pet patients and their families so much that we want our conversations to continue after your appointment. That’s why we’re starting this blog. We’ll use this space to share information about our veterinarian services, pet health, and the latest developments at our veterinarian clinic.Our veterinarian clinic has … [Read more…]