3 Ways to Protect Your Dog From the Flu

When the flu is going around, it’s smart to take precautions to protect yourself from this potentially dangerous virus. The same is true for your dog. Yes, dogs can catch the flu, too. But is there anything you can do to keep them from getting sick? As your local veterinary medical center in Fort Mill and Rock Hill, SC, we want to help keep your pet healthy. Here is Fort Mill Animal Clinic’s guide on how to protect your dog from the flu:

  1. Take preventative measures – Just like you’d do everything possible to protect yourself from the flu, make sure you’re taking preventative measures for your pet. Wash your hands before you touch your dogs and keep them away from people who have the flu. Remember, your pet can catch the flu as easily as you can.
  2. Know the signs – Learn the signs dogs exhibit when they have the flu so you can act quickly. Call us if you notice unusual breathing patterns, abnormal drowsiness, coughing, discharge from the eyes or nose, or digestive problems. If the situation is serious and you think you need an emergency animal hospital, we’ll give you accurate advice and keep you and your pet calm.
  3. Get your pets vaccinated – Call to schedule an appointment for dog vaccines to prevent the flu. A flu vaccination for your dog is the best action you can take on your pet’s behalf. This shot will help your dog’s immune system fight off the influenza virus. Make sure yoru pet’s other vaccines are up-to-date, too.

If you think your dog has contracted the flu, call us right away. Our veterinary medical center in Fort Mill serves Indian Land and Rock Hill, SC. Trust Fort Mill Animal Clinic to take care of your pets when they’re sick and to help you keep them well.

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