Save on Pet Care With These 5 Tips

Pets bring a lot of joy to your life. But while your pet’s love is free, caring for them can be very expensive. The costs of food, bathing products, toys, treats, and veterinarian visits will add up over time. To help cover these costs, some pet owners invest in pet insurance. However, there are other things you can do, too. Here are five tips from Fort Mill Animal Clinic that will help you save on pet care.

  1. Help your pet stay healthy – Just like with humans, staying healthy is the best way to reduce pet care costs. That means feeding your pet the right amount of food and making sure they get enough exercise. Bathe them often and monitor your pet for allergies.
  2. Be resourceful when shopping – Shop smart for your pet. Avoid purchasing fancy collars and expensive toys, and spend your money on healthier food options instead. By shopping wisely, you can also save money by buying food, kitty litter, and other necessities in bulk.
  3. Barter instead of paying money – Consider trading services when it comes to pet care. You could offer to babysit your friend’s pets if they babysit yours. You’re creating a mutually beneficial agreement without having to exchange money.
  4. Make your home pet-friendly – Keep your pet safe by removing potentially harmful objects and obstacles. Build a fence around your home for safety. Keep medications (both for pets and for people) in safe, secure locations.
  5. Follow your veterinarian’s advice – Visit a veterinarian as recommended and listen to what they have to say. Follow their dietary recommendations and other advice. This will help your pet stay happy and healthy while reducing the risk of unexpected vet visits.

Working with a veterinarian is the single best way to make sure your pets get the care they need. To schedule an exam or vaccinations for your small animal, call Fort Mill Animal Clinic.

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