Should You Get Pet Insurance?

You probably have insurance policies for many of the important things in your life: your car, your home, your health. But what about your pet? Pet insurance is becoming more and more popular with dog and cat owners across America. If you’re thinking of purchasing one of these policies, you may want to consult with a veterinarian near you before you sign on the dotted line. Here’s some advice from Fort Mill Animal Clinic.

  • Think about your veterinarian bills – No one wants to think about their pet getting sick. But if it happens, will you be financially able to handle the cost of the visits to your local veterinarians and any related treatments? Pet surgeries and other therapies can be very costly. If you’re concerned about veterinarian fees for any of these services, pet insurance might be a good option. However, if you’re comfortable paying for these things out-of-pocket, you might be fine without pet insurance.
  • Calculate the risk – Take time to think about emergencies involving your pet. Life can be very unpredictable, especially when it concerns animals. Can you handle the cost of emergency treatment? Many pet insurance policies provide coverage for emergencies.
  • Consider your “stop-treatment” cost – While it’s hard to consider, you should determine the amount of money you would be willing to spend before deciding to put your pet down to stop their pain. The average pet owner’s “stop-treatment” cost is around $1500. Depending on your policy, you might have coverage for short-term or long-term treatments.

As with any type of insurance, the specifications can vary from policy to policy. Always read the fine print to determine what’s covered and what’s not.

The veterinarian near you at Fort Mill Animal Clinic treasures the safety and health of your pets. We strive to provide excellent care to our pet patients and the best advice for pet owners. Talk to us whenever you have a question about your pet’s well-being.

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