3 Ways to Stop Your Cats From Spraying

Spraying is a normal, territory marking behavior for cats. Did you know that when a cat sprays, this is not the same as its need to urinate. (Note that if your cat leaves a puddle, this could signal a health problem.) As your local Fort Mill and Rock Hill, SC animal hospital, Fort Mill Animal Clinic understands your cat’s spraying behaviors even when you do not. To help you discourage this behavior, here are three ways to curtail cat spraying in your home:

  • Have your cat sprayed or neutered – By the time your cat is six months old, it should be spayed or neutered. Taking care of this procedure allows you to prevent the bad behavior before it begins. These surgeries are common and you can trust us to give your cat the very best care while they’re at our Indian Land animal hospital.
  • Limit the cat’s interaction with other cats – If your cat sees other felines, it may be tempted to mark its territory in and around your home. This marking can happen when a stray wanders up in your yard, you adopt a new cat or kitten, or if a friend brings their cat over for a visit. Until you’re confident that your cat won’t spray, try to avoid letting it interact with other cats.
  • Help your cats get along – Give all your cats the same amount of attention. Let your felines sleep, eat, and play together. If you notice that your cats are struggling to get along, there are things you can try to improve the situation. Wipe each cat down with a warm damp cloth. This will encourage your cats to groom one another and bond.

As your local Fort Mill, Indian Land, and Rock Hill, SC animal hospital, Fort Mill Animal Clinic wants you and your cat to have a happy home. Contact us to learn more.

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