How Walking the Dog Can Make You Healthier

It’s common knowledge that walking your dogs helps keep your furry pal healthy. But did you know that it can positively impact your health, too? As your Fort Mill, Indian Land, and Rock Hill, SC animal hospital, we care about the pets we serve – and their humans, too! Check out this information from Fort Mill Animal Clinic.

  • Walks help you and your pet become physically active. Physical exercise is crucial for your dog’s health. You know it can do wonders for your health, too. Get healthy together by making dog walking part of your routine. A recent study shows that dog owners may have more physical activity than those without canine companions.
  • Dog walking encourages activity on colder days. It’s tough to go out to exercise on a cold, blustery day. But when you have a dog, you have a workout buddy and a reason to get outside. Research shows that dog owners are more likely to be active on colder days than those without pets.
  • It’s easy motivation to exercise. When you reach for the leash to take your dog on a walk, the excited look your pet gets will certainly touch your heart. Your daily dog walks serve as the perfect motivators for you to get outside and get moving. If the thought of going to the gym or starting a regimented exercise program is intimidating, start by taking more or longer walks with your dog. YOu’ll be able to exercise while also focusing on the needs of your pet instead of the stress of working out.

As your Fort Mill, Indian Land, and Rock Hill, SC animal hospital, our vets are here to help your pet. The veterinarians at Fort Mill Animal Clinic provide medical care and health advice for pet owners throughout York County and surrounding areas.

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